Kindle Bookmark – How to Bookmark Pages on Kindle ?

Kindle Bookmark – How to Bookmark Pages on Kindle ?

How Does Kindle Mark Pages ?

Bookmarking is a simple but very vital feature of Kindle. It often happens that you might need to leave your Kindle and go do some chores. And here is where the bookmarking feature will help you mark the page so you can jump to your last page directly later on. So, to bookmark your page on Kindle :-

  •  Scroll download to Menu and click.
  •  Scroll to “Add Bookmark” and click.


Kindle Add Bookmark


The page is now bookmarked and you can later use this bookmark to continue reading from where you left out. To access your kindle bookmarks :-

  •  Scroll to the Menu and click.
  •  Scroll to “Go to Bookmark…” and click.
  •  You will see the list of the pages you bookmarked.


Kindle Goto  Bookmark


Scroll to your desired bookmark and click. You will be taken to that page instantly.


Kindle Bookmark List


In this way you can mark your pages to show your friends or come back later for re-reading.


How to Skip between Kindle Bookmarks ?

Did you know you could directly skip/scroll between Kindle Bookmarks without going throughout Kindle menu ? To skip between your saved boookmarks :-

  •  Scroll to “Progress Bar” (at the bottom) and click.
  •  Press the “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to skip between bookmarks.
  •  Scroll away from the “Progress Bar” to resume reading.

Kindle Skip Between Bookmarks


Now you know another way to navigate your bookmarks. If you want to read a full review of Kindle 3G, have a look at this Kindle 3G Review.

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